March 28, 2018


Today, 31st of December 2018, the book ”BREAZA. TREKKING AND ADVENTUROUS COMRADESHIP” by Sergio Alexandru Peștișanu has been published at Amanda Edit Publishing House, Sinaia (ISBN 978-606-979-105-9). 

This is an independent follow-up to the ”BREAZA. TREKKING AND KNOWLEDGE” published last year and it has the same structure – chapters entirely dedicated to our resort and its inhabitants, chapters about trekking and its importance for our health, chapters about the nature around us, respectively. 

If in his first book, the author tries to bring the beauty of these lands vividly in readers’ eyes by telling the story of his own experience and the story of his love for nature, in this second one, besides cultivating the taste for trekking, knowledge, research and continuous exploring of the surroundings, it aims to impulse the young trekker so he or she should set forward!

”BREAZA. TREKKING AND ADVENTUROUS COMRADESHIP” also attests the stories of those who have set up and are still setting up the trekking and adventurous comradeship, like a durable bridge between past and present.

The costs for editing and publishing this book, and for the previous one as well, were fully covered by the author. The manuscript can be browsed at the public library in Breaza.

”One day, my dear young man, you will set forward.

You will climb up wild glens where the sun plays hide-and-seek with the drops coming from waterfalls. You will enter a marvelous world of flowers and insects, you will rest your body on a bed of fir needles, and in the evening, you will admire the twilight that paints the houses into an incredible festival of lights, shadows and colours.

You will hang around feeling you cannot take your eyes off, with your mind and spirit filled with joy and peace, and then you will go down among the people again. You will have known the call of the mountains, of the waters and of the endless boundaries. And, in your heart, you will carry this new love, the love for trekking, and it shall never leave you.”

”Trekking” – Lucia Tănăsescu and Vasile Tănăsescu. 

We thank to Claudiu and Vasi Istrate and the Publishing House for their help and patience with the manuscript.

”Breaza awaits us!” – Sergio Alexandru Peștișanu




Breaza în condei și călimară 

Ulița copilăriei – primul pas către drumeție 

Orientarea după semnele naturii (II) 

Regnul FUNGI (II) 

Pregătirea fizică a drumețului 

Educația fizică în tabăra sportivă școlară 

Povestea drumețului ecologist Ecotrekker (II)

1.      Drumeții prin Breaza și împrejurimi

2.      Drumeții pe munte 

Proiectul „La Stână la Nea Cristi” 

Drumețind în vremuri de odinioară (interviuri) 

Trasee de drumeție prin împrejurimi (II)


IMAGINI – BREAZA și împrejurimile sub omăt 

IMAGINI – Camaraderie temerară în drumeție 


Anexa 1: Exemple de exerciții preluate din cartea „Educația Fizică în tabere la munte” scrisă de către colectivul Elena Guțiu, Dan Guțiu și Mihai Răileanu, editura Sport-Turism, 1985 

Anexa 2: Exemple de jocuri de mișcare preluate din cartea „Activități sportive și turistice pionierești” scrisă de către colectivul Claudiu Atanasiu, Mircea Stănculescu, Ion Căpățînă 1970 

Anexa 3:  Plimbări, drumeții și excursii pe meleagurile stațiunii Breaza și prin împrejurimi