November 16, 2016

The „Princess’s beech” touristic trail marking

The trail we suggested was approved by the local administration and it materialized.  For marking the touristic trail, we used the following symbol: equilateral triangle – on white background. The colour of the marking symbol is red.

We complied with the RESOLUTION No. 77 from January 23rd 2003, regarding the institution of some measures to prevent mountain accidents and to organize the mountain rescue activities; for marking the trails we followed Mr. Radu Mititeanu’s instructions – former team leader within Salvamont Cluj.

Therefore, we took into consideration the following:

To ensure uniformity and adherence to the international trail marking system, the marks will meet these technical requirements:

a) they will fit an imaginary quadrilateral whose sides are 16-20 cm;

c) the tringle coloured inside will have its sides of 10 cm, and the white strip will be 3 cm (3 + 10 + 3 = 16 cm);

f) the trail marks will be placed on both ways of the road, at an appropriate distance one from another so that they could be visible, perpendicular on the way and at a height of 1,5-2 m from ground;

h) in order to protect the trees, the marks will be painted on the trunks; it is forbidden to nail them;

l) at the inflexion points of the path, two-colour arrows will be placed (white + the colour of the mark), that will indicate the directional angle; the arrow will be 40 – 50 cm long, 8 – 10 cm wide and its directional angle will be of 15 degrees, 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 60 degrees, 75 degrees, 90 degrees, 105 degrees and 120 degrees;

n) for marking all the trails, there will be used freeze-thaw resistant, heat resistant and corrosion resistant, reflectorized paint;

The trail consists in 4 main sections:

Section 1 (to the West): Departure point – Armoniei Street – „La Pripon” – Surdeşti Street (3,4 km) – runs on asphalt, up to Pripon, then down on Ocinei Street to the Târsa brook.

Section 2 (to the North): Surdeşti Street – Târsa brook bed – The Princess’s Beech (2,5 km) – runs through clearings, forest edging and brook bed.

Section 3 (to the East): The Princess’s Beech – Lazului Top – „Poiana Mare” –

At the Meanders (2,4 km) – runs through the woods, on a foot path, uphill (about 182 m vertical difference between The Princess’s Beech and Lazului Top) and downhill (about 164 m vertical difference between Lazului Top and the Meanders)

Section 4 (to the South): Meanders – „La Şipot” („At the wellhead”) – Armoniei Street – Arrival point (2,4 km) – runs on asphalt, down on the main boulevard, towards the departure point.

We would like to thank for their help to Paul „The Treader” Cocei, George Sbână and Mihai Coman. The NECESSARY paint and brushes for marking the trail were offered as a sponsorship by Mr. Cătălin Brișcariu, who has also supported us in accomplishing this project. Thank you all!



Recomandăm un grup de minim 4 drumeți, eventual însoțit de către un ghid local (Sergio Peștișanu).

Cunoștințele drumeților trebuie să includă:

= documentarea amănunțită asupra traseului

= aprofundarea sfaturilor legate de pericolele ce ne pândesc în sălbăticie – câinii de la stână, urșii etc.

Recomandăm drumeților să anunțe Centrul de Informare și Promovare Turistică Breaza înainte de a porni la drum, pentru o siguranță proprie.