December 1, 2016

Breaza&Trekking Romanian Quizzes

I have come with three 10-question quizzes on TREKKING, one quiz on BREAZA and one quiz on FLORA AND FAUNA.

At first, they were only available online (nivel începători) (nivel mediu)

now you can also find them at page 220 in the first volume of my book ”Breaza. Drumeție și Cunoaștere” – ”Breaza. Trekking and Knowledge”.

(The winner of the first session, finished on 2nd June 2016, was Alex Pascu. He checked the most correct variants and received from Pușculița Nouă a MONEY HANDMADE BOX.

Note: We added the number of the correct variants of checked answers at the total.

For example: 1/1/1 You have checked 3 correct answers. Total: 3 points.
1/0/1 You have checked 3 variants out of which only 2 are correct. Total: 0 points.

The results can be found in the album „REZULTATE TESTE”.)