June 18, 2017


On Saturday, June 17th  2017, we were the first to organize GURGUIATU TOUR – a public cycling tour on the forest track  Belia – Gurguiata, starting from Breaza, via Ghioșești village – Comarnic – Talea and returning to Breaza.

The track has 4 sections:

A. Breaza – Ghioșești, which runs on the main boulevard in Uptown Breaza, then down in Gura Beliei district and along Prahova river to Ghioșești village.

B. Ghioșești – uphill on asphalted road, through the wonderful Ghioșești village, part of Comarnic town.

C. Forest track Belia – Gurguiata, near Pleșuva Peak (1255 m) and alongside the line between the beech woods and the fir woods, that coat Gurguiatu Mountain, with its 1339-meter high peak.

D. Belia Valley – Talea, the guidance section at the end of the forest track, up to Talea village.

We thank all the participants!

The video below shows sections B – Ghioșești and C – Forest track Belia – Gurguiata in Comarnic, sections that are part of the passage to the Bucegi Natural Park, real dream lands with an amazing touristic potential. If we speak about Plesuva Peak, we speak about a historical place, sine it was there that professor Jean Alexandre Vaillant planted our national flag for the first time. Also, Gurguiatu Mountain represents a rich area regarding flora and fauna.