November 12, 2016


Art. 15 – Law 185/2013 „General rules regarding placing advertisements”, Paragraph 1), Letter e), according to which:

„It is forbidden to place advertisements on trees”

[Art. 3. The terms and expressions of this law have the significance below:

j) advertisements – an assembly of constructive elements used to present a commercial, industrial, artisanal or free-lance activity or an event]

If some of you may think this law is an exaggeration, let us ask you this:

[regardless the law, as nowadays we rely more on written laws than on common sense and humanity, which we have long forgotten of in our attempt to turn LEGAL SENSELESSNESS into CORRECTNESS]

 If someone came and nailed a board on your back, on your chest or on any other part of your body, would you feel happy about it? No, we do not think you would!


Menționăm că în urma adreselor făcute de către noi la Administrația Locală, Garda Națională de Mediu și Ministerul Mediului marea majoritate a arborilor au fost eliberați de această povară.