March 2, 2019


The book ”Breaza. Trekking and Passion” is an independent follow-up to the volumes ”Breaza. Trekking and Knowledge” and ”Breaza. Trekking and Adventurous Comradeship”, and it has the same structure – chapters entirely dedicated to our resort and its inhabitants, chapters about trekking and its importance for our health, chapters about the nature around us, respectively.  

”In my first book, besides cultivating the taste for trekking, knowledge, research and continuous exploring of the surroundings, I tried to bring the beauty of these lands vividly in readers’ eyes by telling the story of my own experience and the story of my love for nature. In my second book I wanted to impulse the young trekker, and not only, so he or she should set forward. In this volume, on the other hand, I have put down the bright impression of Breaza people’ passions, who have trade in common.

Through the finesse proved by these contemporary craftsmen, through their work and passion, we will unveil together the art of finding ourselves; and it is in our souls that this art resides, it is only due to our souls that we can channel the Divine energy into perfection.”

– ”Breaza’s Trekker” Sergio Peștișanu

We tell stories about handicraft. We tell stories about work and passions. We tell stories about long-ago Breaza and about nowadays. We tell stories about childhood, about trekking and the lust for learning. We tell stories about spiritual fulfillment.

The chapter „Profession, workmanship and passion” includes more than 20 interviews with craftsmen from Breaza, and there are even more interviews in the rest of the book.




Drumeția – o competiție cu noi înșine (II)

Între performanță și descoperire spirituală 

Educație turistică 

Orientarea după semnele naturii (III)

IMAGINI complementare 

Turismul sportiv în Breaza 

       Turismul brezean de odinioară 

Turismul sportiv de munte 

Breaza Trail Running 

Excursii prin Breaza și împrejurimi (III) 

Haihui prin Breaza 

Breaza văzută cu alți ochi 

Incursiune în comuna Șotrile 

Incursiune pe Valea Beliei 

Profesiune, pricepere și pasiune la Breaza 

Profesiune, pricepere și pasiune la Adunați 

Camaraderie temerară (II) 

IMAGINI – Camaraderie temerară brezeană în


Vei fi mereu brezean, dacă… (II) 


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