October 16, 2017


On October 14th 2017 we held the first edition of “AUTUMN NEDEIA – Backpacking and celebration” Event, organized at Cristi’s sheepfold at Valea Bradului.

Here it is the programme of those two days of traditional celebrations:

Saturday backpacking: Valea Bradului – Poiana Stânii

After we are warmly welcomed by Cristi at his sheepfold, and enjoy being so close to the woods of Valea Bradului village, we will set out for a smooth trekking to Poiana Stânii, that will last for about 1 1/2 h (a 3-hour round trip), via: Cristi’s Sheepfold – Râpa Tisii Glen – Chițoaia Grazing Ground – Ilie’s Grazing Ground – Poiana Stânii 

Sunday backpacking: Valea Bradului – Stelică The Hunter’s Chalet in the Rock Glen

On Sunday morning, after refreshing ourselves and enjoying a traditional breakfast and the usual „coffee at copper”, those who are willing could set out for a 3-hour and a half round trekking to Stelică The Hunter’s Chalet in the Rock Glen.

Among the amazing things we witnessed during those days, we must mention: milking cows,  sheep coming and leaving the shed/sheepfold, making the „hanged sheep milk cheese” and „urda” – a traditional Romanian type of cheese, as well as other traditional occupations (killing the ram, preparing the mutton pastrami, preparing the „bulz” – Romanian traditional food).